Basic Repairs are No Problem

Not too long ago we got a call from a homeowner with a very common problem, a clogged sink and disposal. We let the homeowner know that one of our qualified and trained plumbers could come out within the hour, and the homeowner was thrilled.

The clogged sink and disposal repairs were underway.

One of our professional Crowley plumbers arrived at the home, and the homeowner met him at the door and showed him the kitchen sink where the problem was. The first thing our plumber did was to shut off the power to the garbage disposal. Once he had the power turned off he removed a few of the items that was under the sink so he would have plenty of room to work.

We did drain cleaning in crowley at this home - Big Blade Rooter and Plumbing Service, Inc.

He then took a wrench and loosed the trap pipe to the sink. He had bucket underneath it to catch the water and anything that was clogging the sink. Once he took the pipe off he noticed that the problem with the sink being clogged was a big blob of grease got trapped into the pipe, so he cleaned all the grease out of the pipe thoroughly, and then he put the pipe back on the sink.

Our plumber then removed the garbage disposal. Once he was able to get the garbage disposal taken apart he was able to get the pieces separated, then he cleaned it thoroughly, then he did some maintenance to the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal needed to have the maintenance done to make sure that there weren’t any other pieces that was making it not work properly.

Our plumber then reinstalled the garbage disposal, then he turned the power back on to it, then turned it on and it immediately started working. He took several food items and placed them in the garbage disposal to make sure the disposal grinded the food up, then our plumber turned on the water and the food was gone. The garbage disposal and sink was working great once he figured out the problem.

Our plumber put the items that the homeowner had under the sink back into their original place, then he cleaned the sink and countertop. We never leave a job dirty. We thrive on leaving a job better when we leave than when we arrived. He let the homeowner know that the sink was unclogged and he told her that there was a grease buildup stuck in the pipe trap, then he let her know that he repaired and did some maintenance work to the garbage disposal. When he was done the homeowner didn’t have to replace their garbage disposal, which saved the homeowner a lot of money.