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Texas residents know the importance of hiring a professional Benbrook plumbing repair services, which is why they call us when they have an issue in their home. We are the leaders in the industry due to our knowledge, training, and experience. We provide our customers with solutions to their plumbing and water heater issues that they need and want. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of the residents in our area.

Plumber Services Offered

Some of our top services include the following:

  • Plumber
  • Residential Plumber
  • Plumbing Repair
  • Water Heater
  • Slab Leak
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer Camera
  • Hydro Jetting
  • And so much more…

We have well-maintained equipment ready to work on all kinds of projects. Our plumbers are certified and licensed because we want to provide our customers with the best and most professional service possible.

Benbrook, Texas

Benbrook is a suburban city of Fort Worth. The population of the city is 20,208. The motto for the city is “Our Pride. Your Joy”. Benbrook Lake is the city’s shoreline. The city is the ideal place for a vacation as there are many different options to choose from.

We did emergency services for plumbing repairs in Benbrook - Big Blade Rooter and Plumbing Service, Inc.

The Visitor Center is the place where visitors should go to learn about the history of this city. The visitor center has artifacts and displays that date back to the early 1800’s.

The Benbrook Lake has always been a favorite spot for residents and visitors. Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, sailing, swimming, water skiing, and camping at the Benbrook Lake. The Dutch Branch Park is another popular outdoor venue to go to. The park has a castle park playground for children to enjoy, volleyball and basketball courts, a walking track to observe nature, and a duck pond where visitors can feed the ducks.

The Benbrook Antique Mall is one of the best in the state. Visitors from all across the state come to this antique mall to purchase military artifacts, antiques, art, and much more. There is always at least 165 different unique items that are being displayed and sold. While you are downtown you may want to stop at the Benbrook Café to enjoy delicious homemade food items and the best coffees available. If you are wanting a classic burger, then Whataburger is the place for you to dine. Whataburger has been in business since 1950 and you won’t find a better burger anywhere else.

Whatever you are wanting to experience in this city, you can find it. The city provides fun and excitement for everyone.

We are the professional residential plumber that homeowners trust and depend on for all their plumbing services. We back all of our work with our exclusive 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are experiencing any water leaks, draining issues, or plumbing problems, then give us a call today!


Saving a Home from Sudden Flooding

Recently, we got a call from a homeowner who had an emergency. They had used their washing machine, but all of a sudden their basement floor was flooded. We were able to identify their blockage and get everything back in working order. They were very happy that we could provide them with emergency plumbing repair in Benbrook.

The drain cleaning was about to begin.

Two of our plumber experts arrived at the home within an hour. The homeowner had called the emergency number, and we always try to get to the home or business within an hour after receiving the call. The homeowner showed our guys to the basement that was flooded and our guys let the homeowner know that they would get the problem fixed as quickly as they could.

The homeowner here was very grateful for our drain cleaning in Benbrook

Our guys went to the basement floor drain, and they took the covering off. Then, they started running a plumbing snake down the drain. They continued running the snake down the drain until they found the problem. They brought the plumbing snake back up to them, and low and behold there was a sock that somehow got stuck in the drain. Our guys flushed the drain out completely once they had the sock out of it.

Our guys then put a new floor drain in. This floor drain that our guys installed for the customer comes with a backflow preventer, which would prevent any more clogs for the homeowner. Our guys cleaned up the basement floor and they went upstairs to talk to the homeowner. Our guys let him know that a sock was stuck in the basement floor drain because the drain was not screwed in. They let him know that they installed a new floor drain that would prevent this problem from happening again in the future.

Our guys took the homeowner down to the basement so they could show him the new floor drain and how it would prevent for any clogs from occurring. Our team was able to have the Benbrook drain cleaning issue resolved in under two hours, which was great news to the homeowner. They let the homeowner know that it was safe for him to start his washing machine now, and there would be no flooding. They let him know that they cleaned the drain thoroughly and they also cleaned the basement floor so now the homeowner could safely do laundry and he wouldn’t have to worry about any issues occurring.

The homeowner was very pleased that the problem was fixed quickly and that his pipes didn’t need replaced. We are the plumbing company to contact for all drain cleaning in Benbrook, and we can come out 24 hours a day when there is an emergency because we provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services.