DIY Disaster After Pipes Burst

Recently, we got a call from a homeowner who had somehow burst some of their really old pipes after trying to change some of them out themselves. They had done a real number on their Mansfield plumbing system and had turned off their mains for over two days because they couldn’t figure out how to fix them properly. Finally, the wife had enough and decided to call the plumbing repair experts in Mansfield out, which was our company.

The plumbing repair project was scheduled to start

Our crew arrived within an hour after receiving the call from the homeowner. The husband showed the crew to the basement where the old pipes were. He showed the crew what he was trying to do, and our crew let him know that we would take care of it for him.

After some DIY trouble, this home needed some expert plumbing repair in MansfieldThe crew started installing new pipes at the home. The crew would remove a pipe, then add a new one. The crew did this until they were able to get all the new pipes installed. The never took one break, but they continued to work to get this project done, so the homeowners could have their water turned back on.

By late afternoon, the crew had all the pipes replaced and new ones installed. The crew turned on the water for the entire home, and then turned the water on in the kitchen and bathroom. They then inspected each pipe to make sure there were no leaks, which there were not. The crew cleaned up all of the old pipes and their work area, then let the homeowners know that their plumbing system was back on track and was working properly.

We had everything solved for the homeowners in a day, which made them really happy. The couple thanked our crew over and over for doing the job so quickly. They didn’t think it would be done for a couple of days, which would mean four days without water. The wife said that she had told her husband not to try to work on the pipes, because he had no plumbing experience and it would end up costing them more in the long run if he worked on them. Our crew let the wife know that the pipes were in desperate need of being changed because they were at least fifty years old, and now they wouldn’t have to worry about that problem (as we replaced each one for them).

The crew told the homeowners that if they had any problems with the plumbing system to give them a call and we would be right out, and if they ever wanted to update their water heater, then we could do that for them too. We are the professional plumbing repair contractor in Mansfield.