Flooded Room Means Very Quick Service

We got an urgent call from a homeowner who needed help from a qualified plumber fast. It seems their laundry room was flooding even with the washer completely off. Water damage was imminent, so we went out to their house right away to identify and fix the problem.

When we got the call from the homeowner it was around seven in the evening. The homeowner explained that she had just got home from work an hour before she called and she was trying to do everything to stop the water but had no luck. Our crew arrived at her home within thirty minutes to help her with the emergency plumbing repairs in Burleson.

The plumbing issue was about to be repaired.

As soon as we arrived at the home, the homeowner showed us her laundry room. The homeowner was right, there was a flood occurring in this room. We could hear the water flowing, so the first thing we did was turn off the electricity in that room along with the water. Our crew pulled the washing machine out and noticed immediately what the problem was. There was a major leak in one of the hoses. Our crew removed both hoses because it was clear to see that the hoses were very old, then they replaced the hoses.

emergency plumbing repairs go off without a hitch at this homeOur crew then sucked up all the standing water that was in the laundry room, so the floor no longer had a river inside, then they turned the electricity and water back on. Our crew wanted to make sure that the washing machine was leak-free too. After a thorough check, the crew let the homeowner know what the problem was and it was repaired. The homeowner thanked us for coming out so quickly and for fixing the problem. She even told the crew that they didn’t have to clean up the water for her, and we let her know that is part of our job. We don’t leave any job with a mess.

Our crew explained to the homeowner that the hoses on her washing machine were aged and one sprung a leak. The homeowner was surprised with that news, because she said she just purchased a new washer and dryer a few months ago, and she assumed that they would change the hoses when they installed the appliances for her. We let her know that she doesn’t have to worry about that problem anymore, because both hoses were replaced. We assured her that if she needed anything else, we would be happy to help. The homeowner was so happy with the work we had done, and that it was completed for her so quickly and affordably. This emergency call was no problem for us!