Info and Estimate Provided for Renovations

We got a call from a homeowner who needed help from a plumber in Joshua. They wanted an estimate on a home addition and finished basement. They wanted a full kitchen with a sink, disposal, and another sink for a bar area as well. We were able to provide the estimate and ultimately did the job.

One of our experts went out to their residence, so we could provide the homeowner an estimate. The homeowner showed us the space where their new home addition was being built, then the homeowner showed us where he wanted the sink and disposal for the full kitchen and in the basement where the bar would need a sink. Our guy gave the homeowner the estimate. Two weeks later the homeowner contacted us again and wanted us to start on the projects at his home.

Our Plumber Arrived at the Home

We sent our team out to the home on the day that we were scheduled to begin. Our team started working in the basement where the homeowner just installed a bar area, and this is where we were going to install a sink. The homeowner selected the sink for the area and our team started running the pipes from the main water source to the bar. Once the team had the pipes ran they started hooking them up to the bar. Within a few hours our team had the bar sink installed and they started working in the home addition where a full kitchen was being installed.

This is a home where we served as their plumber in Joshua

Our team started running all the pipes needed to the home addition area for the sink. They installed the sink and then they installed the disposal. The team then connected the water to the sink, then they worked on it until they had the sink installed and working properly. It only took our team two days to get all the sinks and disposal installed for the customer, which was done one day ahead of the day that we gave the homeowner.

The homeowner can now enjoy his full kitchen and bar now that the sinks were installed by our team. The homeowner was very happy with our speedy work, knowledge, and professionalism as one our team members overheard him telling another contractor. Our team goes that extra mile to make sure that each of our customers receive the only the best service from us, which is why we are the only plumber to call in Joshua. All work that we supply to our customers are covered under our exclusive warranty and our team explained that to the homeowner, so if a problem does occur we will come back out at no additional charge.