Infrastructure Needed for Basement

We got a call from a homeowner that was thinking about getting an additional bathroom installed in the basement of their home, but wanted to make sure of the price of adding the infrastructure necessary to add a sink, a toilet, and shower to the room. They called us to provide an estimate for new piping, which was pretty easy to do. They were happy with the price and went with our company to do the work.

One of our experienced plumbers went out to the Cleburne residence to take a look at the space where the homeowners wanted the additional bathroom added. Our plumber went over the specifications for the plumbing fixtures and the drains that would be needed to be added, then he gave the homeowner the estimate, and we were hired to start the project immediately.

The Residential Plumbing Work was Scheduled

Our team arrived on the day that we were scheduled to start the bathroom project. Our team ran all of the pipes, then they installed the drains and vents that were needed for the space. Once the pipes, drains, and vents were completed our team started installing the toilet. The team then installed the pedestal sink that the homeowners had requested, then the team started installing the shower.

We served this home as a cleburne plumber - Big Blade Rooter and Plumbing Service

It took our team two complete days to get all the piping, toilet, sink, and shower installed. Once everything was hooked up our guys turned on the water to make sure each appliance was working properly. Our team turned on the hot and cold water knobs on the sink and shower and the water flow was ideal. Our guys made sure that there were no leaks present, which there was none, then they flushed the toilet and made sure it filled up properly.

Every appliance in the new additional bathroom was working great, so our team started cleaning up the work area and packing up their tools to head to the next job site. One of our guys let the homeowner know that the additional bathroom in their basement was finished and can be used at any time now. The homeowner came down to look things over and was pleased with the work that our team had provided for them.

We were able to get the job done within the scheduled that we stated it would be done and on budget too. Homeowners can trust our company for all their plumbing needs because we are the best plumber in Cleburne. We get the job done right the first time and we always stay within the budget that the customer is working with, which is why we are selected over many of our competitors.