A New Install for the Employees

Recently, we got a call from a local office building to see if they could have an automatic hot and cold water dispenser installed in their small kitchen. We went out to check out the space, and found that this job was easily doable. A couple of our plumbers went to the establishment and looked over the plumbing in the small kitchen, then we gave them an estimate that they were thrilled with.

The water heater installation was scheduled

One of our highly trained Arlington plumbers arrived at the office building in Arlington to start the dispenser installation. He let the office workers know that he had to shut off the water for a short period of time, then he shut off the water. He removed some of the items that was located under the kitchen sink so he could make room for the dispenser. Our plumber then drained the water lines.

This office called us for an arlington water heater install

He started drilling a hole in the sink where the dispenser faucet would be sitting, then he started installing it. He connected the water lines to the dispenser, then he connected the hot and cold water dispenser. He mounted the filter, then he made sure all of the water lines were firmly tightened, then he turned the water back on to make sure that there were no leaks and the dispenser was installed properly.

Our plumber checked for any leaks under the sink and around the dispenser, then he turned on the hot and cold water dispenser and each one worked properly. The water flow was precise and working great. Our guy was able to have this installation done within a few hours. He let the office workers know that the water was back on and everything was working properly. One of the office workers came in to see how the hot and cold water dispenser actually worked and our plumber showed her how easy it was to work and use. He explained to her it was just as easy to work as any other kitchen faucet and the office work was very impressed with its performance.

After he answered several questions, he began to clean up the work area before he left the jobsite. It always puts a smile on our employees face when they know that they have done a job right, on time, and within budget for our customers, which is why we have been named the number one Plumber in Arlington. Our plumber must have done an exceptional job at this office because we had several calls from the office workers wanting their very own cold and hot water dispenser installed at their homes.