Slab Leak Repair

Do you think that there might be a leak in your walls? Is your water bill higher than you think it should be? Do you notice wet spots on your floor, carpet, or walls? If you noticed any of these signs or symptoms, then you may have a slab leak in your home. Slab leaks can be a serious problem if not addressed quickly and correctly.

A slab leak is when one of the water lines running below the concrete floor of a home leaks. There are many reasons for a slab leak, including; a chemical reaction between the water and a copper pipe, faulty pipe installation, too much soldering or welding flux, contact with the concrete and rocks, or any other common reason why a pipe may begin to leak. Slab leak detection requires expertise and also the correct slab leak detection equipment.

There are signs of slab leak which you should be aware of in order to determine if you may need slab leak repair; the sound of running water from slabs or walls when all the water taps are turned off is a sign that you may have a slab leak. A hot spot in a particular area of the floor nowhere near an open faucet can be an indication that you have a hot water pipe leak in a slab.

If you happen to observe random wet patterns on the wall of your house this could also be a sign of a slab leak. Slab leak detection services may be required also if you notice a water bill which is higher than you think it should be. This can be a sign that water is leaking out of one of your pipes due to a slab leak. If you notice cracks in the walls or floors these can be caused by a slab leak.Slab leak detection equipment can determine if the moisture under your carpet is caused by a slab leak. If you do notice any of these signs or symptoms of a slab leak don’t wait.

Call Curly’s Big Blade Plumbing and Rooter immediately. Slab leaks can cause serious damage to the foundation of your house not to mention the walls, flooring, and carpets. Curly’s Big Blade Plumbing and Rooter has been serving the Tarrant and Johnson counties for over 25 years. They specialize in slab leak detection and have the state-of-the-art heavy duty slab leak detection equipment to diagnose and find the source of the leak and repair the pipes to get your house back to full working order as quickly and as possible and for the best price.

Their experience is reflected in their work. Their state-of-the-art slab leak detection equipment avoids costly and destructive practices that amateurs employ that destroy and break down slabs in order to find the leaks. Their equipment is able to find the exact location of the leak without wasting any time and without damaging your valuable property.Once their slab leak detection equipment detects a leak in the slab, their leak repair professional will offer relevant repair options for you.

The slab leak repair options can include spot repairing. If the slab leak is small and localized then this method, in which the slab is opened up from the weak spot and repaired, is the most cost-effective and the most time-saving. However, if the piping system is very old and has history of several leaks then a full re piping could be necessary. The entire pipeline would be replaced with a new one which would take one to two days. Rest assured that the slab leak repair experts at Curly’s will find the most effective and also most cost effective solution for all of your slab leak repair issues.

Another method of slab leak repair in our arsenal is an in-place pipe coating. With this method an epoxy pipe coating is applied on the inner side of the pipe which seals all leaks. This method also ensures that corrosion will be completely stopped. Slab leaks are a serious matter and can adversely affect the value of your home. Don’t wait if you notice signs of a slab leak. Call Curly’s Big Blade today and have one of our certified and insured plumbers come diagnose the problem.

Curly’s Big Blade Plumbing is licensed and bonded and insured for your protection and peace of mind. If you think that you have a slab leak you do not want to trust the foundation of your home to an amateur who does not have our reputation and the positive reviews of our clients and customers. If undetected, a slab leak can cause damage not only to the foundation but will also increase your water bill.

Slab leak detection and repair is vital to maintain the value and condition of your valuable home. Curly’s is a family-owned and operated business and a member of the community .We stand by our reputation and our good name for service and dependability in the Fort Worth area. Call us today for all of your slab leak detection questions. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and earn your business.

We are a team of professional experts who are dedicated to providing the best plumbing services to our clients and customers. We use our experience on every new project and our work reflects it. We promise to deliver the highest quality work at the most affordable price possible and treat you like we would our own family. If you think you have a slab leak and need a professional slab leak detection don’t wait, call us today/