Tricky Clog is Solved

Not too long ago we got a call for a classic request, a clogged kitchen sink. However, this was no ordinary clog. It involved us disassembling some parts of the sink plumbing and replacing piping. It seems that a whole bunch of wig hair was put down the drain. It wouldn’t clear with anything besides doing the plumbing cleaning. The homeowners were very happy to have their sink back once we were finished with plumbing repairs in Kennedale.

Their Sink Put Our Plumber Skills to the Test

One of our highly qualified plumbers arrived at the Kennedale home within an hour from receiving the call from the homeowner. The homeowner showed him to the kitchen, and he let her know that he would do the drain cleaning as fast as he could. Our technician started to see what the problem was he quickly learned that he was going to have to remove the sink trap underneath the sink.

This home needed a qualified Kennedale plumber - Big Blade Rooter and Plumbing Service, Inc.Our technician started removing the items that were underneath the sink so he would have room to work. He placed a bucket underneath the pipes, then he started removing the sink trap. Once he had the sink trap removed he removed the trap arm and the trap to the sink. Once he had these pipes removed he found the reason why the sink was clogged. Our guy removed a large amount of wig hair that was stuck into the trap arm and the trap to the sink. He removed all the hair out of the trap, then he reinstalled all the pipes. He turned on the water to the sink and the water drained immediately without any problems. Our guy cleaned any mess that was under the sink, then he returned all the items that was under the sink back into their original place.

Our technician had everything cleaned up, then he let the homeowner know that their kitchen sink was working properly now. He let the homeowner know that the problem was a large amount of wig hair was stuck into the trap arm pipe under the sink. The homeowner really didn’t know how the hair got stuck there, but she was very thankful that he was able to repair the sink so quickly. Our technician let the homeowner know that if she had any problems with the kitchen sink again to just call the office and someone would be right out.

The homeowner was just so pleased that she could use her kitchen sink now, because her children were due to be home from school soon and she needed to start preparing dinner. Anytime a homeowner has a plumbing problem in Kennedale they can contact the professional plumbers at our company and they will receive superior plumbing services.